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I do it for Picasso

What I would have given for just one great photo of him.  I had a heart dog you see, he lived to be 18. His name was Picasso. 

  We had the best adventures and the greatest friendship one could ever ask for. It never once crossed my mind to get photos of him as he aged. and then became terminally ill. I had a little disposable camera, I had taken  a few good shots, I thought.  I was wrong. I have one picture in a frame, one. Today it is cell phones or point and shoot camera's but what I would not of given to have had a professional photographer capture the true spirit of Casso.  I do not say this because I am a professional photographer, I say this because I became a photographer so I could have those photos of my dogs and cats. 
  I know how hard it is to say goodbye or to get prepared for saying goodbye. I have been there more then once and will be again. It might seem strange that someone offers to take those photos. the once in a lifetime catch the spirit photo of your friend, even when you think you have captured it. Its even harder when it is a total stranger taking those photos. You think really, how can she get that photo when she does not even know my dog or cat or. It is empathy, because I have been there.
  I do it for Picasso, because I missed out, because I do not have those photos of him. I never want anyone ever to not have that moment shot, that once in a lifetime perfect capture of how much they mean to us.  
  This is why I offer Tribute shoots for our senior pets or terminally ill family pet members. Its not something anyone wants to think about. Their lives do not cover the span of ours and there is nothing more precious to us.  Let me give you a moment.