​Fine Art Photographer /  Specializing in Pets

​J.S.Photo works

  Package 2 — $235

 This package is available to a family of 4  from the same          home/location.

  Total number 4 in all so any combination of 4  Family
 This package allows for you to choose  of the following photo   session options:
 -The Family and Pet in a variety of poses at their home/stable/studio
 -the Family and pet  at liberty with action shots and natural portraits

 -The Family and Pet on location in a vacation spot  within a 50 km radius of  Ottawa.

 Included in the Package is a $35.00  Print Credit towards any of  your photos from the session in any combination of sizes,

 This package is also suitable for Horses/Cats or any other pets, as  well as GRoups...please contact for group information.

 Flash Drive:

 Qty. 3 photos — $65.00
 Qty. 6 photos — $90.00
 Qty. 10 photos — $115.00
 Qty. 10+ photos — Contact Me

 Flash Drive Digitals are “Digitals for Print” images printable up to 8×10 / 8×12. 

​Photoshoot Packages:
Custom & Exclusive Portrait Sessions — from family portraits, pets and animals,. Now available in six different package options to suit your needs. There is no time limit for any full package  -  as much time as needed will be taken to ensure your children/pets/horses are relaxed and feel comfortable with the camera and the location. All packages include on line viewing gallery. Mini packages do have a time limit
To view some samples of past portrait sessions with a variety of subjects click on anyone of the links. All packages include proefessional retouching if required and artist rendering left to the photographers discreation.

See the Payment Options page for details on methods of payment. Please review our Terms & Conditions prior to any purchases or bookings. All packages include webready only 72 dpi  versions of your photos that will be sent via email

 Tribute 1- $400

these sessions are for our older  family  members.  understanding the needs of an older or terminally ill dog  is not an easy task

But my 16 years of dog care service Provider  prior to becoming a photographer has given me a  deep  understanding  of their needs  and there needs come first.

Includes 1 pet /Up to 4 Family members, There are no Options for this package   as they get the Special  treatment they deserve.

 $60 print credit included in this package

a full day  package ( 6 hours ) call it a celebration of their life  Where I spend the full day and yes even the moments before with    you and the family .

A Celebration of thier  life and the love that  you all have for this special companion. If you ask how I can offer  this I know that I would of loved to have had Someone  

do this for  me  When My Picasso pass. 

 Mini Tribute 2 - $250 

The exact same package as above just a shorter time period.

$20  print credit​ 

 A Day in the Life -$400

This is a package deal where we Photography your special someone or pet from  the day you bring them home and each season there after for 1  years.

This is a docuementry of the first year of their lives with you.  Each new season we schedule a session to track the life of your  Special one.

This is a total of 4 sessions. This package includes    Portraits of you and your loved one, action shots  ,  indoor and  outdoor.

$55  print credit

 Includes 1/2 hour viewing consultation if required.

On line Proof Gallery

Prints   :    

  4 x 6 — $10.00                                                                                5 x 7 — $15.00                                                                                8 x 10 / 8 x 12 — $30.00                                                              11 x 14 — $45.00  

   13 x 19 — $60.00
  Other sizing may be available.Contact us if you are    interested in a poster / custom sized print. Canvas    Prints are not included in A la Carte pricing please    contact me for further information.

 ​Package 1 - $180.

 One-on-one portrait session between the photographer and  the subject and allows for you to choose one of the  following photo session options:
 - One individual and their pet/horse in a variety of poses at  their home, in studio or on location.
 - One pet at liberty with action shots and natural portraits.

-One Individual at Liberty with action shots and Natural Portraits
 Proofs from the session are posted in an online album  where you can browse and make your selections. There is  no expiry date for

the album. Included in the is a $30 Print  Credit towards any of your photos from the session. You  could request one 8×10, two 5×7’s, or three 4×6 prints.
 This package is also suitable for Individual portraits or  horse/cat or any other pets, so long as there is no more  than one person / one Pet   per session.  

Mini Package 1 - $120

  Exact same options as the full package only No Print credit with this package



Digital for Web — $15.00
Digital for Print — $30.00
* Publishing Rights — Add $25. each
*single order digitals are sent via email. *Publishing Rights allow the buyer to use the photo(s) for commercial use.

A la Carte PRICING :

A breakdown of the various purchasing options available to you are listed below.  If you would rather place an order manually or prefer not to pay using paypal, please feel free to email us at mycameraandme@hotmail.com. 
Please review the Terms & Conditions prior to any purchases.