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Please consider supporting your local rescues and shelter and maybe just maybe the next fur monster you bring into your life will be a rescued one.

If you have ever rescued or even walked into a shelter you will understand the need to pay it forward. All my fur monsters are rescues be it from a shelter or a breeder that needed to re-home them. I always say they rescued me and that they come into your life when you need them the most or they need you the most. They are also the biggest reason I became a photographer. My 4 are my muses, my inspiration, my whole life and without them I would never have discovered this world I now live in.  They are amazing examples of what a little love, kindness, and understanding can do for the ones that people throw away. I have never had an un-rescued animal in my life, everyone of them has come to me through the system as I like to call it. So it is of the up most importance to me that anything I can do to give them a chance at a loving home I do. My Journey for volunteering has just begun in photography but this page will be filled with photos of all of those I can help find that forever home. 

The Avery Foundation fundraiser for Hank and Waylon who happily found their forever home.