​Fine Art Photographer /  Specializing in Pets

​Jacqui Sjonger :

   I picked up my first DSLR just a few years ago and have yet to put it down. A world of art opened for me the minute I looked through the view finder. It was supposed to be so I could capture my dogs and their moments forever, as well as the bond between animals and people. However, my hobby quickly turned into a passion, and at this stage of my life  I have stepped into a new chapter. A place where the world is my canvas and my camera is my paintbrush. I have dedicated every waking moment to learning, experimenting and capturing every little thing I can. I love to capture moments that give pause and take your breath away.

  I have been an animal lover from an early age and have had a deep connection with them since I was old enough to walk. I have spent most of my adult life in the presence of animals. I have trained, groomed, walked.  boarded and provided doggie daycare to countless furry friends. For the last sixteen years I’ve closely observed and developed a real connection with animals that allows me to capture the soul of the animal versus simply a photo. I believe these experiences, and the natural gift I have in connecting with animals, allow me a unique advantage that perhaps other pet photographers do not have.

  I could tell you about the workshops and courses; about joining FPA , PPA and my pursuit of accreditation with the Professional Photographer Association of Canada , as those things are certainly important to potential clients. Also, that I was awarded first place in Art in the AKC Dog show and have placed finalist in many competitions. However, in all honesty, though those things are an important part of my portfolio, it is the love of those silly faces, the cute moments, the splash thru the water, that makes me want to photograph them. It has been said that “the eyes are the window to the soul.” My passion is capturing that soul and essence of the animal and creating a work of art.

 Now on to the human side of LIFE. I was once asked by a friend to take some photos of her little girl. After careful consideration, I thought, why not? Cameron is a little doll and what a good way to practice and fill out a portfolio. Little did I know, the world of photography would soon open up even further for me. I love those moments when I see a soul emerge. I love to see the laughter of a child, the love of a mother when she holds that child's hand, the look on a woman's face who thought she was not beautiful, until my camera showed her she was. I find it very rewarding to give a family a memory; a special gift that lasts beyond their lifetime. As for the gentleman, there is a fine line between the masculine they want to see and the soul that they try and hide, Finding it and capturing it is a rewarding experience in itself.


About me:

I reside in the Ottawa Valley with my 4 fur balls, Pyper, Elvis, Liza and Ruben, and a very wonderful man who has put up with all this. I have been told that as a photographer you need to find a niche and the rest will come. But what if your niche is simply fine art photography?

My name is Jacqui Sjonger and I am a Fine Art Portraiture Photographer. Let me capture your moments, and provide memories that last a lifetime.

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